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Caddiemaster, Promaster, PowerPro.

Caddiemaster, Power Pro, Precision, Pro-Master, GTE-08, Linden, others.
Import trolleys often with poor quality electrical parts.

2 Star trolleys from R O C

Earlier version.
check Stowamatic.
Caddiemaster/Precision/Pro Rider.
Promaster style Golf Trolleys.

Best abandon Chinese electronics, fit our UK
built kit, guaranteed and reliable.

Same configuration shorter

Original fragile wheel

Can buy axle converted now and wheels.

We are working on solutions.

Can do quick release but axle will need modifying.
See below!

we can do 1816 inserts for clutches
but not easy to do and metal wears on spigot so
is often a futile exercise.

Stronger wheels with inbuilt clutches with airsoft tyres
giving much smoother ride.

Axle replacements.
535 mm axle single groove.

Ax CDM: Axle suits Caddiemaster Precision Power pro plus 535 (29.50) Qty

New axle is drilled ready to take our replacement quick release wheels
New axle with added 4 mm pin to take T4G quick release
Flite or Skyline wheels, Clutch included.


Axles with 5/6mm drive holes will have no warranty
By Chinese manufacturer.
Axle replacements.
546 mm axle single groove.

Ax Ca 546: Axle Caddiemaster plus 546 mm (29.50) Qty

New axle can be drilled ready to take our replacement quick release wheels.

Bearings for original series motor.
Front and rear bearing kit original
 motor. And T4G upgrade
Library image.
S1 Brgs: Bearing set (12.75) Qty
Replace with
Not a Power Pro part. Stronger & more reliable.
Need to cut lead and fit bulletts supplied
200 Terr: 200 Watt motor replacement (52.80) Qty
GB NT: Replacement upgrade gearbox (36.90) Qty
Encoders and potentiometers.
Trolley taken out of service with damaged loom! Motor works but noisy, handle complete with pcb but damage to screen, have top bag support, front wheel in housing, control module (Don't know!) but should be OK, chassis parts, axle no good but new ones above!.

You can buy all or sections or parts. Email your requirements.
Salvage top bag support
S PRH: Salvage Pro R Handle (10.00) Qty

S PRBS: Salvage Pro R Top Bag Rest (8.00) Qty

Six wire loom

Upper bag support,


Pay via Credit/Debit card or Paypal, on secure terminal.