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                        Welcome to The internet on-line store for golf trolleys, golf trolley parts.

The design and function of this site has been built with you the consumer as priority. With simple approach and usability. All the product information is in one place on a quick loading page. In the event you find it could be improved, please let us know.

We are very choosy and take care in which products we market, for instance the batteries you can find in our sister sites have had  rigorous tests and an inspection that includes batteries been literally sawn in half to check plate quantities & material quality, there are some out there that don't stack up!

Trolleys have to meet our approval also, we are frequently approached by manufacturers & importers and could easily clutter the site with all sorts of tat, but we only sell what we would want to use ourselves, and have the knowledge that our customers have a quality product that has been designed and built to high standards, tested and has a full after sales set up as in available spares technicians etc.       

We have been in the Internet sales business for over twelve years now and am pleased to say we have very many loyal satisfied return customers.

You may find cheaper but doubtfully better value! Beware of imitations, imports of modules, pots etc in particular.

Our aim is to please the customer. If you find anything unclear or need to know more please contact us . 01494 868073

 Or supply batteries, chargers etc.

       El Boss

Other group sites include: www.golftrolleybatteries.EU


Small selection of goods inc some of the rare more obscure parts we can supply.
Greenhill Caddimatic
Powakaddy Classic
Mk1 Cast Chassis
10k Pot
Fraser Jack Plug

Talisman pot
Pot-Topbox mod kaddylite

British manufactured replacement high quality control modules, spares and potentiometers
for most electric golf carts & trolleys.

All UK built supplied modules, potentiometers, switches, CDF units, motors, brushes etc have min 12 month warranty, we may need parts back for inspection especially if failure is apparent at installation stages!

Batteries will have supplier warranty, normaly 12 months, often with proviso of return to them for inspection & testing prior to replacements etc. Outside test reports are no longer accepted.


Sep 16 2015 at 3:47 PM
Great service from Ainslie Golf! Ordered Clutches & potentiometer for my Hillbilly cart at 15-00 hrs on Tuesday 15th September. Parts were with me by 11-45am on  Wednesday 16th. Thank you for your prompt attention & will use your business in the future.

Tom Adams

May 12 2015 at 8:03 PM
          Most companies only receive complaints so I thought I must send you something different.
I must congratulate you on the fast efficient service provided on the orders placed by me.
1st order placed on a Sunday afternoon and arrived 10 o'clock on the following Tuesday.
2nd order placed on Monday afternoon and arrived the following day at 10 o'clock.
This is outstanding performance by your team and I hope you get many more comments of praise
for your efforts.
Thank you.
R Ord.