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Trooper Golf Trolley
Rear wheels remove with nut behind the wheel

T5 Chassis, axle etc
note 3 part axle, plus wheels
have axle part built in.

 Prices do not include VAT or shipping.
As we ship internationally.

UK built contoler module
improves performance and relability.
T5 UKPT: Control Module UK for T5 05 Explorer early bug walimex plus. (44.00) Qty

Module T5

Fits early Bug, Pulsar, Walimex, Explorer.


Now obsolete.

Use module above.

Our Potentiometer
complete with knob.
High build quality more robust than original switch.

T5 Pot: PotentiometerT5 Bug 05 exp (14.10) Qty

Wireing loom.

mce02 x: Wireing LoomT5 Bug 05 exp (9.10) Qty
180 Watt Motor
2 bolt fixing
T5, 2005 walimex, pulsar etc.

To purshase motor click here.
Pot knob early, splined.

P Kn ROC: Original Knob Chinese pot T5 Bug 05 exp (2.10) Qty
Upper bag support.
Velcro strap

Original gear box new.

T5 Chinese Gearbox good quality refurbished salvage units.

mcgb-01-e R: Re-Furb salvaged Gearbox -axle ChineseT5 Bug 05 exp (19.50) Qty

Centre hinge kit

Pay via Credit/Debit card or Paypal, on secure terminal.
We have gear only, gearbox casings, axle pieces, pins etc new and used,
Replacement Rear Wheels, mainly new but some reclaimed slvage units as new.
RH only
Later T5 has L/H thread on
right hand wheel retainer, care with ordering, or use existing nut by
removing pin etc.

W T5: Original T5 Wheel Right only ChineseT5 Bug 05 exp (15.00) Qty

EU Shipping contact us
Front wheel with housing early type.


Front Wheel only

Is from later 2006 but can be made to fit early trolley.

Front wheel (T6) axle kit.

Is not original goes with above
T6 wheel

Front Wheel (T6)
with axle kit.

Lower bag Strap.
Velcro fastening.

Lower Bag Support inc adjustable strap.
1m long.
usable 880mm - 160 mm.

Lower bag support
No straps.

Y piece front chassis part

T5 T6 Handle complete with grip.

Top and bottom sections

T5 T6 Handle top sect only

T5 T6 Handle lower sect only

Handle Grip.

Golf Bag Rain Cover

Charger early T5 Ch 2 pin


These parts are residue of Trooper golf after they closed in 2008.
New where possible or good quality salvage parts.