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ProTrolley spares and parts.
ProTrolley Parts

Ainsliegolf is currently working with the ProTrolley team and we now have a selection of parts to be sorted and catalogued
available very soon.

ProTrolley Electric golf trolleys, parts and spares.


GT 300

GT 300 R
PT 1

PT 2


We have now had a shipment of various parts to fit  ProTrolley versions.
We are on a learning curve here and will add parts to website with we hope accurate information!
The parts are from Protrolley and we find are not new in many cases, we have control modules marked up as tested and in good order, and for some we have test rigs now so we can check for our selves.
The warranty on the parts will be limited.
Unless stated New Parts they maybe salvage items.
Handle mouldings
No stock
Handle mouldings
No stock
Handle mouldings PT1

PT 2a: Handle mouldings only ProTrolley GT 2 (12.50) Qty
Self adhesive screen with removable protective layer.
PTSCR: PT GT Screen (0.96) Qty
Handle Mouldings
PT2 Han Mo : Handle mouldings only ProTrolley PT2 (10.80) Qty
Handle Mouldings ll
Similar to PT2 but has hole for LED.
PT2 Han Mo 2 : Handle mouldings only ProTrolley PT2 ll (10.90) Qty
Sold out.
PT3 HAN: Handle Protrolley PT3
Have top sections only, somtimes with
PT3 HANTOP: Handle Protrolley PT3 Top half only (8.00) Qty

Facia above handle GT300
PT Fac08 300: GT300 handle facia 2008 (2.55) Qty
Top mouldings.
PT3 HAN: Handle Protrolley PT4
PT4 HANTOP: Handle Protrolley PT4 Top half only (8.20) Qty

Handle mouldings

PT Han Mo 2: Handle mouldings only ProTrolley (8.50) Qty

No stock.

Consider using GT 110 handle.
as used on Electric Blue and Slazenger spade handles.
will need to fit your potentiometer into G-Tech handle and use suitable knob.
Spare boards A
Spare boards B

GT 300D
Digital Sensor Connector.

PTDSC: Protrolley 300D Digital Sensor Connector (7.50) Qty
Digi encoder later GT 300

PT ENC 1: Encoder GT300 (9.00) Qty
300R 2008 5 wire 10k Pot
with LED
PTPOT300R 5 08: GT 300R 10K 5 wire Potentiometer 2008 (9.98) Qty

Plastic micro switch covers x 10
New parts.
PTMSC: Micro switch covers x 10 (0.45) Qty
GT 300R 2008 10k switched potentiometer with LED
Original Chinese switch.

PT Pot 08 6W: Protrolley 300R potentiometer 2008 10k SW 6wire (14.90) Qty
UK made replacement.
New parts.
Facia board cover.

PT Fac 2: Handle facia Protrolley (2.65) Qty

New parts.
10k Potentiometer
5 pin plug uses 4 wires
sw and pot connectors fused.
PT10pot 4-5: PT 10k pot 4 wire 5 pin plug (11.55) Qty

GT 300 2008 10k pot.
Fits Vivo, Stowamatic and others.
Viv PNSS PT: 10k Short spindle non switched VIVO and others (12.00) Qty
Digital display handle board.
Ultra/Ultra remote.
Sold out.

Digi board GT 300 2008
New parts
PTHB300 08: GT 300 Digi Handle board 2008 (24.50) Qty
Handle board GT300 09
10K potentiometer GT300 09
Original pictured below
Goes with board to left.
PTPOT300 5/2 09: GT300 10K 5 wire 2 plugs Potentiometer 2009 (10.25) Qty
PT HB 300 09: GT300 2009 handle board. (20.25) Qty

Replacement potentiometer UK built
5 pin pots.
Replacement 5 wire 10k Potentiometer
GT300R to right includes knob.
New parts
PT 300 5pn sw pot: GT300 5 wire sw pot (12.90) Qty
Original 10k switched potentiometer 5 pin plugs suits board below.



Splined potentiometer/encoder knob.
Used on many Protrolleys, Caddiemaster, Ultracaddy.
PTRKn: Protrolley Red Potentiometer/Encoder knob splines. (2.90) Qty
Handle board 5 wire switched pot above.
New parts.
PT HB 300 5: GT300 handle board. 5wire pot (22.10) Qty
Have sold out of these.
Can fit new switch if you send part in.
Module Torberry

PT Mod 1 Torb: Control Module ProTrolley torb (30.00) Qty


PT Mod 1: Control Module ProTrolley (30.00) Qty
Same as module to left but 3 pin kettle plug not Torberry
Module Ultra 5 Speed

Ver 1.1
There are several versions of this,
more to follow we hope!
No stock left. check below.

Ultra Remote Controller.


Modified to T4G module and potentiometer use.


Chinese electronics removed, T4G
replacement  kit installed.

Reliable trolley.
Module GT 300R Remote 3 pin plug.

Mod PT 300R: Control Module ProTrolley GT 300R (31.50) Qty
Module GT 300/255R Remote Torberry connection.

Not available, use 3 pin plug version.
Module GT 250R Remote 3 pin plug.
6 pin loom connector
As above only red/black torberry motor leads.

Mod PT 250R: Control Module ProTrolley GT 250R (31.50) Qty
Kettle plug can be removed to fit alternative connectors.

2008 ULTRA!
Torberrys with 6 pin loom,
control module.

PT 6 pin ultra Cont: Control Module ProTrolley Ultra 6 pin (29.50) Qty
GT 300 XL 250. 2008 5 pin.
3 pin kettle socket.

PT GT3 Cont: Control Module ProTrolley GT300 5 pin (29.50) Qty
6 pin module.
Stowamatic, others.
PT 6 pin ST Cont: Control Module ProTrolley ST 6 pin (29.70) Qty
 Six wire harness/loom.
Ultra. 1500 mm long approx.
PTHAR6: PT 6 wire harness Ultra (12.60) Qty
Tested salvage parts.
Trojan 350 Remote harness.
6 pin male at module 5 Pin female at handle.
New UK parts.
TR350HAR6/5: Loom/Harness Trojan350 remote plus. (15.00) Qty
Remote handset. No battery.
New parts.

Rem 2 PT 300R: Remote 2 GT 300R (18.00) Qty

Remote handset. No battery.
New parts.

Rem 1 PT 300R: Remote 1 GT 300R (18.00) Qty
Wheels, clutch, axles

Replacement wheels and axles GT 300R
If you have three spoke wheels will maybe need full kit! Measure inner groove to face of 3 tooth dog.
50mm required minimum.
Read lower down.


Flange face to inner groove 50.5 mm
New axles are 196mm long.
Old 3 spoke one 184mm Long
Face to groove approx 43mm

Salvage parts.
Pneumatic replacement wheels and axles GT 300R
As left but air tyre wheels.
Will be doing kit with Ultra Wheels shortly.

Can do tyres and tubes

300R TT early: Tyre & Tube 300R (12.50) Qty

Tyres and tubes as above wheels
4.10/3.5-4 4Ply
New parts.

Flange face to inner groove 50.5 mm
New axles are 196mm long.
Old 3 spoke one 184mm Long
Face to groove approx 43mm

May fit old axles in outer groove but no
Breakdown groove!
Axle Carrier 12mm bushed
New parts.

PT 12Mblocks: 12mm Axle carriers x 2 Protrolley (12.60) Qty
Axle drive dogs x 2
Maybe salvage parts.
PT axdogslong: 12mm Axle drive dogs 18.1 mm x 2 Protrolley (8.00) Qty

PT axdogsshort: 12mm Axle drive dogs 16.7 mm x 2 Protrolley (8.00) Qty
Check length.
GT 300R Drive plate.
Sold in pairs.

GT300R DP: GT 300R wheel drive plates x 2 (7.50) Qty
GT 300 Clutches.
Pair of clutches, right and left.

GT300 CLT: Clutch Pair GT 300 (22.00) Qty
PT Wh ST: Wheel PT Star (14.00) Qty
Rear wheels GT 250R Remote
New parts.
33 GT Wheel x 1: GT Wheel x one (19.50) Qty

GT Wheels x 2: Pair Wheels G-Tech (38.00) Qty

Modified wheel kits GT300/250
Quick release Skyline wheels.#Higher quality, replacable tyres.
Will need to drill axle to suit wheels 4mm pin.

Axles require modifying.
4mm pin hole 59mm from groove.

300GT Kit
PT300AxWkit: Axle/Wheel kit 300 GT ProTrolley (59.70) Qty

300 push centre GT Kit
PT300pAxWkit: Axle/Wheel kit 300p GT ProTrolley (60.00) Qty


GT 300 Push centre wheels 535 axle. PDF above, purchase below. 


AXLES GT 300 push centre wheel.

Axle Ultra UK Stainless.

Axles with 5/6mm drive holes will have no warranty
By Chinese manufacturer.

PT300GTAX: Axle 300 GT ProTrolley (17.00) Qty

PT GT 3 push AX:300 GT push centre ProTrolley (18.00) Qty

Not available.
Remote axles
Later axles are 196mm long 50mm to face.
Use with short drive dogs.

Early axles 184mm long 43mm to face

And we have one 214mm long 50mm to face.?
PT196A: Axle Protrolley remote 196mm (9.00) Qty
Replacement inserts for Ultra clutches.

OK if inner spigot not worn.

We can fit bearings for you, send clutches in.

Clutch NT: Replacement clutch bearing set for ProTrolley Ultra (16.95) Qty

GT300/255 R

Stabiliser PT2


Front Wheel PT2
New parts.
Dia 120mm Length 120mm Hub width 120mm
PTFW PT2: Front wheel PT 2 (9.00) Qty

Front Wheel GT300/250

No Stock use wheel to left.

Can use differant axles.
Front Wheel GT 300
Dia 135 mm. Tyre width 80mm.
Hub with 80mm/ 94mm inc bushes.
Bearing inside 11.8 mm


Remote wheels Ultra.
Single pin drive.
67mm pin to inner groove.

Sold OUT

Service spares and parts for Protrolley Electric Golf Trolleys


Battery tray, stabilizer post and
other chassis parts,
GT 300/255 and R
PT3BT: PTGT300/R Battery tray and parts (10.50) Qty
Wishbone/A frame.
PTWB: Protrolley GT Wishbone. (9.00) Qty
Battery tray and chassis section.
PTLBT: PT LT Battery tray and parts (11.50) Qty
Centre hinge assy.
New parts.
PTCH: Protrolley GT Centre Hinge (10.00) Qty
Chassis block.

PTCB: Chassis Block (6.80) Qty

Lower bag holder/housing.
GT106: G-TECH Lower bag holder wheel guard (8.50) Qty
Lower Bag Support

PTLBS: Protrolley Lower Bag Suport (7.00) Qty
GT300  Housing complete with wheel.

Salvage items no stock left.

Use above housing and a front wheel.

Upper bag support.

PTUBR: PT Bag Rest (7.50) Qty
Chassis long tubes.
300 300R
New parts.
PTCRleft: Protrolley GT 300/250 Chassis Rail Left (11.20) Qty

PTCRlright: Protrolley GT 300/250 Chassis Rail Right (11.20) Qty

PTGT117 : GT 300 Top Handle Tube. (12.00) Qty

New parts.

PTGT117SL: GT300 Top handle tube with slide latch. (17.00) Qty

Maybe salvaged parts.
200mm to bend then 100mm
start of slot 91mm

PTGT117SLH: GT300 Top handle tube with slide latch/hinge (19.75) Qty
With hinge and latch
may be salvage parts.
Slide latch
PT109a: Protrolley Latch 109a Slide Latch (8.75) Qty

Fixed latch
PT109b: Protrolley Latch 109b Fixed Latch (8.65) Qty
PTGT109: GT300 Top handle tube hinge. (5.50) Qty
Scorecard holder all 22 mm
chassis trolleys.
Simple push onto top handle tube
leaves handle bolts free for brolly holder.
PTSCH22: Protrolley Scorecard Holder 22mm (7.00) Qty
Front axle kit.

PTFAK: Protrolley Front axle kit (7.00) Qty

PTMot UL/R: Motor ULTRA/R Protrolley (36.00) Qty


PTMot ZW: Motor Zhejiang Weihua. Protrolley (36.00) Qty
UltraR Left
PTMT2: Protrolley GT Motor/trans 300/300R Left (42.00) Qty
Left hand motor/gearbox type 2.


PTMT2R: Protrolley GT Motor/trans 300/300R Right (42.00) Qty
Right hand motor/gearbox type 2.

Ultra Gearbox
Ultra and Remote Left
PTUlGL: Protrolley Gearbox Ultra & Ultra Remote left (31.45) Qty
Ultra Remote Gearbox
Right hand side.
PTUlRGR: Protrolley Gearbox Ultra Remote Right (28.00) Qty
12.3 axle, motor and gearbox

PTMotrans 12.3 ax: Motor and Trans Protrolley GT300 12.3 axle (42.00) Qty

GT300-GT300R Motor and Trans
12 mm, axle Motor and Gearbox
PT Motrans L 12: Motor and trans ProTrolley GT300/R plus Left 12mm (42.00) Qty
PT 3R R Motrans 12: Motor and trans ProTrolley GT300R RIGHT 12mm (42.00) Qty
Getting low on these, can use ultra motor trans!
Motor for above GT300

PTMot3/R: Motor GT300/R Protrolley (36.00) Qty
GT 300R RIGHT side.

PT GB R: Protrolley Gearbox GT300R Right (31.55) Qty

Gearbox GT300 Remote R/H 12mm

GT 300 &300 R LEFT side.
PT GB L: Protrolley Gearbox GT300/300R left (31.55) Qty
Gearbox for  Gt300 plus.
Also L/H 300R 12mm
Earlier Gearbox.

Can use on Caddiemaster,
Promaster etc with new
ELECTRICS from us.

Pay via Credit/Debit card or Paypal, on secure terminal.